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2021 Cast of Characters

We were delighted to have fantastic magical beings offer photo opportunities for festival-goers in all of our elementally themed plaza corners in 2018 and in 2019 they were spread throughout the event. We are excited to do the same for our 2021 event! 


MERMAID - Mermaid Astrid
ICE QUEEN - Alexandra Vida

TWILIGHT MUSES - Eva Brena & Alexandra Kateri

SARAH AND JARETH - Shoshanna & Tommy


AIR - Allie Phinney of Trillium Dance Studios was our Fairy of the Air

EARTH - Rowan and Tommy were our amazing Earth Queen and King

FIRE - Rocio Crystal and Haley Brick were the Samba Fire Fairies

WATER - Eva Brena was our Water Fairy and Mermaid Astrid was our amazing Mermaid!

"Family friendly, safe, magical, creative. A very special and unique event in Arcata, it was amazing."

2018 festival attendee

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