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About Arcata Fairy Festival

We believe in the power of whimsical positivity to inspire families to choose to love living here in Humboldt County. We do this through producing creative, engaging events such as the Arcata Fairy Festival! We collaborate with community nonprofits, embrace creativity, and encourage good stewardship of our planet. We invite you to join the fun, magic, and help to make it all possible! 

Who has the opportunity to benefit?

From its inception, we wanted the Fairy Festival to be a way to support children and families in our local community, as well as be a venue for people who care about all sorts of issues and concerns to promote their causes in a magical, whimsical environment. Fairy Festival is the largest performing arts festival on the Emerald Coast, and we want to encourage it to grow through the planting of creative minds into the heart of the event. Where do we find these minds? Right here at home. All North Coast nonprofits and schools have the opportunity to increase their reach and raise funds at Fairy Festival. 

We are now a non profit!

Shoshanna has been a part of innumerable local non-profit projects and events since well before she was out of high school and is excited to help develop and nurture the Arcata Fairy Festival and support small whimsically wonderful projects to help Humboldt County remain a delightful home for children and families has been a natural extension of all that she loves. In her mind, fairies love children, taking care of our beautiful planet, making space for non-profit groups, artists and artisans to promote their endeavors and to offer a rich palette of gorgeous events providing inspiration and motivation for creative people to develop and explore. Right now the Fairy Festival is tucked under the 501(c)3 non-profit organization of the Redwood Raks Collective, which offers classes, events, festivals and more based in a beautiful dance studio in Arcata's historic Old Creamery Building (website). 

Fabulous Community Partners

Events like this can't just happen on its own! We are immeasurably thankful for the partnerships with local organizations who have made this event a reality and with whom we are proud to work. 

Fairy Festival Priorities

Meet the Fae Council

  • Fairy Festival makes decisions based on our priority criteria, which is as follows:

  • Is it good for Gaia, good for Fae?

  • Does it support a local art and artists?

  • Does it create and celebrate art in all of its glorious forms?

  • Coming soon!





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