About Arcata Fairy Festival

The newly formulating Bureau of Fantastical Spectacles believes in the power of whimsical positivity to inspire families to choose to live and grow here in Humboldt County. We do this through producing creative, engaging events such as the Arcata Fairy Festival each June at the Arcata Plaza! Collaborating with groups such as Humboldt CASA, City of Arcata and Arcata Mainstreet, we hope to encourage creativity, good stewardship of our planet and making the little things an important reason people love to call Humboldt our home. We invite you to join the fun, magic, and help to make it all possible! 

The festival has emerged out of the imaginations of some amazing creative local minds and it is exciting to see it grow into a special place in our local festival scene. We hope you will help us celebrate the beginning of the Summer season and all the imaginations and creativity our community can bring!

Why Humboldt CASA?

From its inception, we wanted the Fairy Festival to be a way to support children and families in our local community, as well as be a venue for people who care about all sorts of issues and concerns to promote their causes in a magical, whimsical environment. The mission of CASA is close to the hearts of all of the people excited about Fairy Festival, so it seemed natural to make the festival be a way for this important organization to make extra money and also have a great day of happy interaction with the public to heighten awareness of all the wonderful things they do for local kids. 

About Humboldt CASA: (from https://humboldtcasa.org)

Imagine  you are a child who finds yourself in court; the victim of abuse or neglect… in the company of a judge, attorneys, social workers… all strangers. You’re scared; your world has been turned upside down. You are alone. This is the reality foster children face every day. Far too many children have never slept in a warm bed, had clean clothes to wear, nutritious food to eat, or someone to hug. That’s where CASA comes in. They provide one-to-one advocacy to help prevent children from “falling through the cracks.”

CASA's trained advocates advocate for foster children, assuring that they are placed in safe, nurturing homes where they will flourish. They speak for children who would otherwise have no voice, giving unconditional love and ensuring that each child receives the services they need to heal. Most of all, CASA invites you to be a child's advocate, a volunteer or a supporter. 

Bureau of Fantastical Spectacles

Shoshanna has been a part of innumerable local non-profit projects and events since well before she was out of high school. The creation of a 501 (c)3 entity to help develop and nurture the Arcata Fairy Festival and support small whimsically wonderful projects to help Humboldt County remain a delightful home for children and families has been a natural extension of all that she loves. The fairies behind the Bureau of Fantastical Spectacles love children, taking care of our beautiful planet, making space for non-profit groups, artists and artisans to promote their endeavors and to offer a rich palette of gorgeous events providing inspiration and motivation for creative people to develop and explore. 

Fabulous Community Partners

Events like this can't just happen on its own! We are immeasurably thankful for the partnerships with local organizations who have made this event a reality and with whom we are proud to work. 


824 L Street, #16

Arcata, CA 95521

Tel: 707-616-6876

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