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Our Amazing Vendors...


  • Vending for a 10x10 artisan space will be $100. $160 for a 20x10 (double booth) space. You are welcome to vend by yourself or with a partner or friend, but all sellers must have an Arcata City Business License or one-day event license, and a valid California seller's permit. Vendors must also carry liability insurance.

  • This is a curated event, and vendors must be accepted by the festival organizers. We would like to limit quantities of vendors selling the same type of item, so you please list your items you intend to sell. We want everyone to do wonderfully and desire variety and diversity in our fairy marketplace. The preference will be for handmade goods.

  • If we have space, you may apply to have extra space to "host a lounge" next to, nearby, or attached to your booth. This is an area not for shopping, but purely for fanciness and whimsical delight. No charge to do this type of extra space, but we need to include into our planning map. We may have some decorations we can help you with. Let's talk! :-)

  • Vending is rain or shine, and vendors must be set up from 12pm until 8pm or 9pm depending on the area you are vending. Some areas will close down early to make way for Fire Shows.

  • Non-profit organizations may table for $25 for a 10x10 tent or there is a limited number of places for a single 6' table between 12-4pm and 4-8pm. No charge for non-profits offering an interactive activity of some kind. Be creative! Zero waste, please. 

  • Food booths are $250 and must acquire all necessary permits. Food booths are limited , and preference will go to schools and non-profit organizations. We are committed to Zero Waste goals, and all food service items must be locally (not industrially) compostable and re-usable when possible. Thanks for understanding! 

  • All booths must be decorated in some type of a fantastical way. The fancier and more fabulous the better! Outrageously amazing is the name of the game. We have a serious Zero Waste ambition, so no vendor packaging in the trash, and please plan on taking out what you bring in.

  • Zero Waste! Really. Thanks for planning thoughtfully. :-)

Our Marketplace will include:

  • Food and Beverages

  • Activities and Experiences

  • Artists, Artisans and Makers

  • ​​Non Profit Organizations
    We have space to welcome non-profit organizations or businesses who would like to offer free or low-cost craft activities for festival-goers or who would like to have information booths, which we hope may be thematically connected with our festival in one way or another!

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