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Entertainment updates!

Fairy Festival Magical Entertainment to delight, inspire and dazzle!!

    Located at the corner of 9th & G Streets

    • 12:00pm  Maypole Band from Humboldt Folk Dancers to play music for our Maypole Dance!

    • 1:30pm    Hayal

    • 3:00pm   Good Company
      Good Company is a Celtic band from California's North Coast. From rollicking reels and toe-tapping tunes, to Irish airs and ballads, Good Company creates images of Celtic lands, seas, and peoples. They perform their original arrangements as singers and multi-instrumentalists on violins, flutes, pennywhistles, mandolin, cello, guitars, recorders, accordions, dumbek, and bodhran (Irish hand-held drum).

    • 5:30pm   Dance set by Shoshanna and the Ya Habibi Dance Company

    • 6:00pm   Cullan's Hounds of San Francisco, CA

    • 7:30pm   Dance set by Desert Lillies

    • 8:00pm   DJ Set by Akara

    Located at the corner of 8th and H Streets

    • 1:00pm   Isaac Bluefoot

    • 1:45pm    Tea Fairy Storytime​

    • 2:00pm   Seabury Gould - Music and Stories

    • 2:45pm    Trish the Dish

    • 3:00pm    FAIRY TALENT SHOWCASE! Email if you'd like to share a piece! (5 minutes max)

    • 4:00pm   (costume contest at Enchantment Stage)

    • 5:00pm    Eccentri-Circus, directed by Shea Freelove


    • 12:00pm   Maypole Dance... Center of the Plaza!

    • SCAVENGER HUNT - Check in with Isaac Bluefoot at the School of the Dragon Flower within the Fire Pixie Lounge area to learn how to participate .... try to find all of our Fairy Festival Enchanted Creatures!

    • 4:00pm   Costume Contest @ Enchantment Stage (sign up beforehand near the Storytelling stage), followed by the:

    • 4:30pm    FAIRY FANFARE... Dazzling procession across and around the festival led by Jesse Jonathan, our Costume Contest Judges, Elemental Royalty and Calypso the Dragon! Ends at the Storytelling Stage. 

    • 9:30pm    FIRE SHOW by Circus of the Elements & Bella Vita Fire Dance!

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