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Please be aware that all must have an Arcata Business License. You may apply for an annual license (only $40... great deal if you vend at multiple events per year) or $25 for a one-day license (unless you are a non-profit organization). You must have a California Sales Permit which allows you to collect sales tax and conduct sales (unless you are a service business). 

We welcome three types of vendors at Arcata Fairy Festival:

  • Artists, Artisans and Makers
    Clothing, fairy wings, hair pieces, hanging art, treasures of all kinds, accessories, plants and so much more

  • Activities and Experiences
    Offering services such as tarot, card readings, henna, face painting, craft and art projects, etc. Crafts and maker-activities will be in our Goblin's Grove area!

  • Food and Beverages
    Only available for area schools and 501(c)3 organizations operating with our priority criteria. Additionally food and beverages must offer thematic nourishment for our festival-goers, and Fairy Festival only accepts those who are able to help us in our Zero Waste event goals. 

We also welcome non-profit organizations or businesses who would like to offer free or low-cost craft activities for festival-goers or who would like to have information booths, which we hope may be thematically connected with our festival in one way or another!


Fairy Festival is a FULL day of fairy fabulousness this year and so many community partnerships. ALL MAGICAL & MYSTICAL CREATURES OF ALL WALKS ARE WELCOME! Fairy Festival celebrates Fae of all kinds! Whether you are winged or not, scaled, toothed or furry- you are welcome!

Read on for COMPLETE Fairy Festival Vendor information and guidelines:

Welcome to the 3rd Fairy Festival: Arcata's largest performance art event happening on the central and community connecting Arcata Plaza 12pm to 10pm on Sunday June 4th 2023. This event is a to delight our North Coast communities, attendance topped 5k in 2019 and we hope to exceed that number in 2023. We are so excited to have you be a part of it! We are looking for enchanting vendors, local nonprofits and businesses to collaborate with!

Fairy Festival specifically works to be completely unique in its production and experience. Vendors are expected to fully participate in the immersive quality of the event. This means you should:

1. Decorate your booth according to your theme or product.
2. Provide and interactive or immersive quality to your booth.
3. Dress and/or act in character at the event.
4. Fairy Festival aims to offer as many immersive activities as possible for attendees. You may be asked to harbor creatures or items in your booth for the whimsy of a treasure hunt, we hope that you will graciously approve and participate.
5. Asked to be placed in the area on the festival site that best coordinates with your product (For example: Vending Amber necklaces? Perhaps the Fall Fire Lounge area would be appropriate for you. Vending Dark Fae Crowns? Perhaps the Intergalactic Winter Lounge area will be a good fit.)

Fairy Festival provides fundraising opportunities for local schools and nonprofit to further their missions to support and educate our local youth.



Fairy Festival will jury application and consider Vendor Applications in this priority order:
1. Does the business or product represent fairy or fairy tale qualities and character (is it a good fit for the aesthetic of the Fairy Festival)?
2. Is the product handmade/produced and/or does it use up-cycled or zero waste efforts in its creation?
3. Have we observed you participating in the past? Have you dressed up, interacted or decorated to get in the magical spirit?
4. Customarily Fairy Festival is not going to approve multiple vendors offering the same products. In a case where we think that the patrons will support multiple booths with like items, they will be either placed at opposite ends of the event or purposely paired in an area together to create a specific ambiance (in each case, we endeavor to coordinate this planning with vendors).

Generally speaking Fairy Festival reserves all food vending opportunities for area schools and will not consider any food vendor who is not a 501c(3) organization who seeks to raise funds for their mission which must be working toward:
1. Child Welfare
2. Education (schools welcome!)
3. Art, performing art, all of its GLORIOUS forms!
4. The improvement or protection of the health of our Mother Earth.

This will be at tables we are happy to provide in the center circle area of the plaza. Choose 12-4pm or 4-8pm. Free, unless you'll be selling a lot (then we'd appreciate a $25 fee).  You will need to hand-truck out your supplies... no cars will be allowed on the plaza. We'll help you make a plan!

There is limited access to electricity on the Arcata Plaza. To provide electricity to a booth additional staff support and equipment is needed, as well as access by the city. Additional fees apply. Bringing battery and solar lights for the evening portion of the event is encouraged.

Fairy Festival aims to be a zero waste leader, what are the Fae if not connected to the Earth? In 2023 Fairy Festival will enforce a strict "No Cups" policy. Attendees may bring their own, rent or purchase cups. There will be no compost-able's or recyclable cups permitted on site as part of the event (Humboldt County does not support a commercial compost site, compost-able service ware is deposited in the landfill locally).
Fairy Festival adamantly supports the use of biodegradable glitter.

In 2023 Vendor time lines will be strictly enforced. Vendors will be expected to be set in full up by 11:30am and prepared to sell at noon sharp. Vendors will not be permitted to break down earlier than 9pm (please read full options and compliance agreement below). The Fairies of the City of Arcata & Arcata Main Street have rigid guidelines regarding road closures and traffic flow meant to keep our 5,000+ attendees protected from vehicles and they will keep the roads closed and direct you on and off the Plaza for safety.

Please make checks to our nonprofit partner organization:
Redwood Raks Collective (memo line Fairy Festival) and mail to 824 L St, #16, Arcata CA 95521. If you'd like to drop it off just let us know and we'll help make arrangements.

Vendor Questions:
Shoshanna: Call or text: (707) 616-6876 /

2023 Vendors

Our 2023 festival vendors include: 

  • Coastal Grove Charter School

  • Jacoby Creek School & Rabia's Baking Sale Treats

  • Mistwood Educational Center

  • Trillium Charter School

  • Hooked Kettle Corn

  • Patch's Pastries

  • Playhouse Arts Wonder Wagon

  • HUMLARP Boffering Arena

  • Tica Bruja Designs & Earthen Abudance

  • Tea Lounge with Tea He He

  • Land of Merriment

  • The Do-Nothing-Society

  • Tea Fairy and Friends

  • Same Sunset Designs

  • Ruthie Creates Art & Sam Glass

  • KS Roasted Garlic

  • Rock My Soul Crystal Caravan

  • FACE PAINTING with Gloria and Erin

  • Ambrz ArtRedwood Playhouse

  • Village Healers Massage

  • Cherry Bomb Crochet

  • The Bismuth Wizard

  • Baltic Amber and Creations

  • Roots to Rise

  • Yemaya's Apothocary

  • Painted Forest Art

  • Josh Overington Art

  • Cowgill's Creations

  • Misty Mountain Flora

  • Art by Eva Creature

  • Ron Peterson Jewelry

  • Fang 'n Faerie

  • Human Canvas Body Art

  • Fibre Poet

  • Homeboldt

  • Pure Humboldt Fae Folk

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