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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the hours and date of operation for the Festival? 
Sunday, June 9, 2024  from 12pm to 10pm.  

Where is Fairy Festival located?

Fairy Festival takes place on the Arcata Plaza.  Click here for directions.


How much is admission? 
Admission to the Arcata Fairy Festival is FREE!

What forms of payment are accepted at Fairy Fest? 
Our artisan and food vendors take payments at their own discretion.  You will find ATM's on the  South East corner of the plaza behind Jacoby's Storehouse.

May I bring a pet?
No, for the health and safety of your pet and our audience. Pets are not allowed.

May I bring my service animal?
Service animals as defined by the ADA are welcome! Click here for ADA guidelines. Service animals are not pets. They are trained to enrich the lives of people with disabilities, increasing their mobility and independence.

Can I leave the Festival and come back in?
Yes, you can as admission is free!

Is there a parking fee?

No, there is no parking fee, but please walk, bike, or carpool.
We are so sorry our local bus service does not run on Sundays.

Will there be food and beverages?

Fairy Festival will operate a libation booth with wine, beer, and craft cocktails as well as delicious mixed Fairy Elixer mocktails. Our school group and non-profit food vendors will have a variety of food options.

Are costumes required?
No, however, we feel the experience of the festival is heightened and more fun when you come dressed to play!

Do you rent costumes?

We do not rent costumes, but check out The Costume Box at 202 T Street in Eureka, (707) 443-5200!

May I bring my (costume) weapon?
All weapons must be sheathed and peace tied. Exposed steel is not permitted. Bows must be unstrung and arrows left at home.

Is the Festival wheelchair accessible?

Is smoking allowed?
No.  There is a no smoking ordinance on the Arcata Plaza.

What if it rains?
The Fairy Festival will take place rain or shine!

Are there hotels near the festival?

Hotel Arcata **** Just feet from the event! 

708 9th St Arcata, CA 95521

Phone: 800.344.1221

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